Torque Machine Services


Target Well Control has its Torque Facility based in Portlethen, Aberdeen off the A90, strategically placed for transport of equipment.


We offer a fully supported Torque Services, including; making up and breaking out of downhole tools / Bottom Hole Assembly’s (BHA), Casing, Liner and Completions configuration.

Torque Machine & Crane Equipment

In our fully operational work shop we have highly trained and experienced operators to carry out the work to the highest standards. Our Torque Machine is an AMC 14:200 which can handle up to a 14" max OD and 200,000ftlbs max torque. With our overhead crane we can lift 5T and build tool configurations up to a length of 13.5m (44ft).

We have an excellent track record of torque services in UK and Africa supporting Oil companies and Service providers.

All connections are made up to specified torque requirements and are supported by graph analysis which can be printed for full QA/QC protocol. We pride ourselves in being flexible and able to take on the extra challenges which are required in a fast moving industry.

Operational Benefits

This "off of the critical path" service allows reduced rig site handling which enhances safety and reduces costs. This helps customers meet their goals and responsibilities in a dynamic and cost-conscious industry.