Target-RMS MFPWR was run in two horizontal drilling wells in Siberia, Russia. MFPWR runs were successful with excellent quality real time and memory data provided. MFPWR data and tool response compared favourably with industry standard resistivity measurements and offset logs.

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RMS-Target Dual Frequency Resistivity Tool (MFPWR) deployed for field test. The table below demonstrates tool accuracy. MFPWR lab tested with proven stability and accuracy at 175°C.


Field test confirmed and exceeded expectations in terms of power output based on theoretical and flow loop testing. ‎The turbine operated robustly and reliably with no wear. Second field test underway.

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The RMS-Target turbine generator is a multi BHA size configurable, probe based bolt on for MLWD systems. Driven by drilling fluid the turbine generator provides power up to 175°C. Negating the need for expensive, short lived and disposable batteries the turbine generator provides a reliable cost effective solution to downhole power requirements. Fully integrated with Geolink style MWD. "retrievable / replaceable" flow sleeve option allows use on Tensor standard systems.

RMS-Target MFPWR is a spatially compensated, dual frequency (400 kHz & 2 MHz), dual spacing device designed for wireline-equivalent Logging-While-Drilling (LWD) services in all well types. MFPWR operates in all mud types including oil-based and salt-saturated and provides real-time resistivity to surface via mud pulse or EM transmission. High-resolution data is stored in downhole memory which can be retrieved and processed at surface.

Target introduce new tool basket design to better protect equipment during transportation to and from rigsite.

Target send MWD/LWD field service facility to Kenya.  The facility will enable Target to perform all routine maintenance including transmitter service.