Target well control is a leading global provider of measurement while drilling (MWD) services. Our ruggedized MWD system has proven track record, reliability and cost effectiveness.

Target have capability of both positive and negative mud pulse transmission of MLWD data including Directional, Vibration, Gamma ray, Resistivity & Annular Pressure. Target can provide retrievable MWD as required. All Target MWD equipment is produced, maintained and serviced in house or at Remote Measurement Systems (RMS) by leading experts in M/LWD.

Target’s MWD system provides reliable and flexible measurement-while-drilling performance in combination with our ultra reliable negative pulse transmission or retrievable positive pulse transmission systems. Using a ruggedized directional sensor package Target’s Survey Electronics Module provides highly accurate azimuth and inclination data, for all applications from straight-hole through horizontal drilling. Rapid and accurate toolface transmission enables the most complex well paths to be drilled with confidence. Target MWD’s modular design allows the addition of other functions such as Gamma and Resistivity logging. Each package is mounted in beryllium copper pressure barrels. The system is powered by 2 lithium battery modules providing over 500 hours operation power from just one set of batteries. A surface decoder (SIB) interfaces with a computer running Navigator surface software. The Target MWD system is capable of vibration monitoring, by both transmitting axial and lateral vibration in real time and logging to tool memory.

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