Well Planning

Well Planning

Providing the client with a drillable well design that meets their requirements is the main goal of the well planning department; which is achieved by working closely with the client and Target's senior accounts managers.

Target Well Control's well planning department is responsible for planning new wells (and sidetracks), and monitoring well trajectory during drilling.

Duties include:

  • Well planning
  • Creating Plots (including A4, Spider, Drilling, Travelling Cylinder etc.)
  • Torque and drag analysis
  • Anticollision analysis (including 24hr AC monitoring while drilling)
  • Hydraulics analysis
  • Survey (QAQC) monitoring (while drilling)
  • End of well reporting (including definitive surveys)

Target Well Control uses Landmark's COMPASS™ directional well planning software, which is the industry's premier application, for directional planning. This together with Landmark's WELLPLAN™ software (used for torque and drag analysis) allows Target to provide high level well planning services which conform to ISO : 9001 quality standard.

Target Well Control can provide planning for any type of well including:

  • Vertical, Build and Hold, S-Shape
  • pregnant lady / coat hanger profile
  • extended reach
  • Coal gas extraction
  • Coal bed methane
  • Slant wells (inclined at surface)
  • multi-lateral
  • Platform drilling

You can download 2 examples of our well planning plots here:

 Well Planning Plot Example 1
 Well Planning Plot Example 2