Mud Motors

VectorDrill Mud Motor

We have a full range of Vectordrill Positive Displacement Mud Motors available ranging in sizes from 3 ⅛” to 11 ¼” for drilling all well bore sizes.

All of our mud motors are serviced in house at our global facilities with the main operating focal point in Aberdeen, Scotland in the United Kingdom.

The mud motor configuration can be suited to all needs with multiple options available and working with standard and non-standard circulating systems.

The range of work we have been involved in stretches across multiple Geographic areas working with numerous Energy Clients from the Oil & Gas and Geo-thermal industries.

Our Vectordrill PDM has a proven track record since 1992 consistently delivering and meeting well objectives.

The products we use are of extremely highly engineered standard and robust within harsh environments operating comfortably in varying well bore temperatures.

The Angle Bent Housing (ABH) can be set from 0° to 3° and can be easily adjusted at the drill site if required. The PDM can also fitted with a sleeve stabiliser in various sizes helping to obtain the well trajectory and enhancing performance.