Directional Drilling

Directional Drilling


Drilling the Target is always a key factor of any Directional or Vertical Well. Utilizing our extensive experience Target have and continue to successfully intersect all Drilling Targets. This has been achieved on a variety complex well profiles and in doing so Target delivers a premium directional drilling service to our clients.


Drilling a safe and cost efficient well is another key driver for Target. With a proven track record, high quality equipment, clear planning and communications we pride ourselves on meeting our client’s objectives.


Trajectory control is achieved by Orienting and Rotating in the desired well path direction. This is delivered utilizing the VectorDrill Positive Displacement Mud Motor assembly and by pointing the motor bend in the direction of a designated well plan. The drilling direction is monitored via real time inclination and azimuth data from the MWD system. This data is transmitted to surface via mud pulse telemetry. The directional data is displayed on the rig floor and at the MWD workstation on the rig site.