Leading Technologies For Well Placement

Target Well Control supplies Directional Drilling, Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD), Logging-While-Drilling (LWD) operations and Fishing Services, to the oil and gas industry worldwide. The Company provides a broad range of well placement technologies, including slim hole applications. Through a strong commitment to the implementation and continuous development of an extensive portfolio of well placement technologies, our innovative solutions facilitate cost-effective drilling for our clients.

Directional Drilling, MWD and LWD Specialists

Specialising in Directional Drilling, Measurement-While-Drilling and Logging-While-Drilling operations, our directional drilling team brings together personnel with a broad range of skills and experience, working in some of the most challenging environments around the world.  Reliable products, experienced personal and operational flexibility, combine to deliver projects successfully and cost effectively.

Fishing and Milling

We bring together the people, and resources to provide a wide range of comprehensive fishing and milling services, engineered to the highest standards of safety and technological excellence.

Delivering Excellence Worldwide

Our capabilities are delivered in the UK and around the world, including Europe, East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania), FSU (Russia, Siberia, Ukraine), as well as the more conventional markets of the North Sea, Middle East and Far East. Equipment and specialist teams offer support to clients wherever they have operations; Target office is located in the UK.

Directional Drilling


Fishing and Milling